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Can Canine Eat Blueberries? Here is Every thing You Must Know

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We all know that blueberries are nice for people, however can our canine companions safely eat them? The reply is sure, blueberries are good for canines, as effectively. All of the nutritional vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber blueberries are recognized for offering the identical advantages in your pet’s physique that they offer yours.

Nonetheless, as with all human meals, an excessive amount of of an excellent factor could be a dangerous factor. Whereas these berries are useful in average quantities, too a lot of them would possibly end in gastrointestinal (GI) upset.

On this publish, we’re exploring what makes blueberries so nice and what are the very best methods to incorporate them into your pet’s food plan.

Desk of Contents:

  • Well being advantages of blueberries for canines
  • When are blueberries dangerous for canines?
  • What number of blueberries can canines eat?
  • How one can feed blueberries to your canine
  • Are different berries protected for canines?
  • Which berries are dangerous for canines?
  • Key Takeaways

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Well being advantages of blueberries for canines

Blueberries are chock-full of nutritional vitamins and minerals and are additionally believed to have one of many highest antioxidant ranges of all widespread fruits and veggies. What’s extra, blueberries are wealthy in dietary fiber, comprise anthocyanins and phytochemicals, and are low in energy. All these vitamins are working collectively to supply optimum well being in your four-legged good friend.

Let’s take a better look.

  • Antioxidants. These small purple berries are greatest recognized for his or her antioxidant properties. Antioxidants struggle dangerous free radicals accountable for mobile injury. Research have discovered that including blueberries to a canine’s food plan reduces the restoration time after heavy train. This may be an necessary profit for lively canines, in addition to for senior canines as it’d enhance their mobility. Blueberries also can assist decelerate the growing old course of and cognitive dysfunction in older canines.
  • Nutritional vitamins. Blueberries comprise Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Vitamin Okay. These nutritional vitamins work to enhance your pup’s immune system, cut back irritation, help the correct perform of the muscular tissues, bones, and nerves, and enhance the standard of your pup’s coat and pores and skin.
  • Minerals. Phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, and potassium all have a task in supporting bone development and enhancing the physique’s capacity to soak up vitamins extra effectively.
  • Anthocyanins are accountable for the colour of blueberries. They work along with antioxidants to cut back the danger of arthritis, diabetes, most cancers, and coronary heart illness.
  • Phytochemicals are linked to a number of well being advantages for each canines and people. Research have discovered that phytochemicals can cut back persistent irritation and assist with some sorts of most cancers.

Because of the numerous well being advantages, many pet food producers have included blueberries of their pet food formulation. In comparison with different fruits, these purple berries are comparatively low in sugar, which makes them acceptable even for diabetic canines. Nonetheless, it’s at all times greatest to seek the advice of a vet earlier than giving them to pups with any well being situation.

Dog sitting next to case of blueberries (Picture supply: American Kennel Membership)

When are blueberries dangerous for canines?

Whereas blueberries are typically protected for canine consumption, that doesn’t imply that they don’t include some dangers. Right here’s what it’s best to take note of:

  • Choking hazard. Blueberries are smooth and small, in order that they don’t current a choking hazard. Nonetheless, if frozen, they grow to be arduous and could be harmful for small breed canines. The chance will be averted by merely ensuring that the blueberries are defrosted earlier than serving. In the event you’re nervous that blueberries would possibly current a choking hazard in your pup, or in case your canine is allergic to them, you might go for different fruits which might be simply as tasty. Some meals which might be bigger and require extra chewing embrace watermelon, pineapples, and peaches.
  • Abdomen upset. Blueberries comprise excessive ranges of dietary fiber, so too a lot of them may cause diarrhea and stomachache, particularly in the event that they haven’t been checked for mildew and cleaned earlier than serving. Because of this, you need to be further cautious if you happen to develop blueberries in your yard the place your canine has entry to them. Blueberries could make a tasty deal with in your canine however ought to solely be fed moderately.
  • Allergic reactions. Identical to individuals, canines also can have meals allergic reactions. In the event you discover any allergy signs akin to diarrhea (or another GI points), persistent fuel, or ear irritation, you should definitely speak along with your vet.
  • Artificially blueberry flavored merchandise shouldn’t be given to canines as they comprise preservatives, chemical compounds, added sugar, and different substances that may trigger abdomen upset. For these causes, it’s best to keep away from giving your furry good friend commercially ready blueberry muffins, blueberry pie, blueberry yogurt, blueberry pancakes, and so forth.

Professional tip: Whereas the associated fee to deal with an upset abdomen will in all probability not break the financial institution, extra severe well being issues can price a number of thousand {dollars}. In the event you don’t have pet insurance coverage and may’t afford emergency prices, you might be confronted with a tough determination. That’s why it’s best to be certain that to enroll your pet as quickly as attainable.

Dog with blueberry on its nose (Picture supply: PetGuide)

What number of blueberries can canines eat?

As with all human meals, moderation is essential. Treats ought to make up not more than 10% of your canine’s food plan and will solely be given occasionally. For smaller pups, 10 blueberries ought to be sufficient. Bigger canines can safely eat extra blueberries, however preserve the ratio of 10% in thoughts when serving them.

Introduce blueberries into your pup’s food plan slowly to measure any unfavourable results on their well being.

How one can feed blueberries to your canine

Blueberries are very versatile, and most pups love indulging in them.

  • When serving contemporary blueberries, be certain that to rinse them in water and verify for mildew earlier than feeding them to your four-legged good friend.
  • As frozen blueberries can current a choking hazard, you might defrost and mash them earlier than serving. In the event you’re feeding frozen blueberries, provide 1-2 at a time and keep watch over your pet whereas they’re consuming them.
  • Mix some mashed or pureed blueberries with plain yogurt. Pour the combination into ice dice trays and freeze for a refreshing snack on sizzling days.
  • Add blueberries to fruit salad together with bananas, apples, and different favorites.

Are different berries protected for canines?

Are there any berries that your pooch shouldn’t eat? Sure, a number of the berries discovered within the wild are poisonous to each people and canines. That being stated, the berries consumed by people are additionally protected for canines.

Dog eating berry off bush (Picture supply: DogTime)


Many of the vitamins present in blueberries are additionally current in strawberries. Strawberries are wealthy in Vitamin C, antioxidants, and dietary fiber. Nonetheless, the presence of fructose may result in elevated blood sugar ranges in your furry good friend, which is why strawberries ought to be served in small quantities.


Each uncooked and dried cranberries are protected to feed to canines in average quantities. However attributable to their tartness, your pooch may not benefit from the style of those berries.

Raspberries and blackberries

These two berries are wealthy in nutritional vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which have a constructive affect in your canine’s well being. Blackberries additionally comprise Omega-3 fatty acids which assist promote a smooth and glossy coat. Additionally, blackberries are increased in vitamin Okay and sugar, so your pooch would possibly favor them over raspberries due to their sweetness.

Which berries are dangerous for canines?

Whereas the berries generally bought in supermarkets are protected for canine consumption, there are some wild berries that your pet shouldn’t eat. These embrace baneberries, juniper berries, and pokeberries (that are much like grapes). Regardless that these berries aren’t fatally poisonous, they will result in digestive issues or different well being points. To stop your canine from ingesting poisonous wild berries, you should definitely pay shut consideration to them when open air or on hikes.

Pet house owners also needs to watch out with ornamental berries like holly berries and mistletoe. These are generally present in houses through the vacation season, so it’s best to be certain that they’re out of your canine’s attain.

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