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Common Pet Emergencies in Philadelphia, PA: 6 Situations Pet Parents Should be Aware Of

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Do you live in or around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania? Do you have a pet? Pet owners in the Philadelphia area should be prepared for a variety of potential pet emergencies common to this region. When you’re aware of the common pet emergencies that can happen in this area, you’ll know when you need to act quickly.

Common pet emergencies in Philadelphia, PA

In the article below, we’ll help you learn more about some of the most common pet problems and emergencies you may encounter in Philadelphia. While it’s always important to hope that your pet will never have to go through any type of emergency, it’s equally important to be ready for anything. By following the list below, you can make sure you and your pet both are ready for whatever might come your way.

It’s a good idea to research to find where the closest and best emergency vet in Philadelphia, PA is. This way, should you encounter an emergency situation with your pet.

6 common pet emergencies pet parents in Philadelphia should keep in mind are:

1. Vehicle Trauma

Vehicle trauma is sadly one of the most common causes of pet emergencies in cities like Philadelphia. Animals who get away from their homes, yards, or leashes as well as animals who are allowed to roam the streets may easily be struck by a moving vehicle.

Pets who are hit by a vehicle and survive the encounter need to be seen by an emergency vet immediately. It is possible for animals to have internal injuries that cause severe bleeding without showing any outward signs of this type of problem.

2. Fights with Other Pets

In city settings, many people have pets, and a lot of those pets go for walks every day. Although the majority of these walked pets are dogs, it is sometimes possible to encounter cats or even ferrets on a leash in the city!

Unfortunately, sometimes when pets encounter each other, they get into a fight quickly. The risk is even higher if your pet happens to encounter a wild animal or stray. If your pet is injured by another pet, even if the other pet’s owner assures you the animal has had all of its shots, go to the emergency vet for a full checkup.

3. Consuming Toxic Substances

Consuming toxic substances or other common poisons are also common pet emergencies pet owners should be mindful of.

Living in a city, pets tend to have access to many toxic substances. These substances may include household cleaners, vehicle fluids, human medications, and even certain types of human food scraps. Pets who consume these substances are at risk of poisoning.

If your pet eats a toxic substance and you know what it was, bring the remainder of the substance with you to the emergency vet in Philadelphia. If you don’t know what your pet ate but you see symptoms like seizure or excessive vomiting and diarrhea, go to the emergency vet anyway.

4. Heatstroke

Heatstroke is not just a problem for pets who live in hotter climates. Even in Philadelphia, it is possible for pets to suffer heatstroke on a very hot day. Pets who go outside on dangerously hot days are often affected, and any pet who is left in a warm or hot car for any length of time is at a severe risk.

Heatstroke symptoms include excessive panting and drooling, increased heart rate, collapse, and seizure. Do not wait to take your pet to the vet if he is showing signs of heatstroke, as the condition could worsen very quickly and without warning.

5. Frostbite

When the weather turns cold, it is possible for pets in this part of the country to suffer from frostbite. Any pet who spends time outside on a day that is below freezing may be at risk, and dogs that go on long walks in cold, wet conditions are at a greater risk as well.

Symptoms of frostbite include gray or blue skin, skin that feels very cold and brittle to the touch, and pain. More severe frostbite may cause the skin to turn black. If you suspect your pet is dealing with frostbite, take him to the emergency vet, even if it seems mild. Frostbite can quickly spread.

6. Insect Bites and Stings

Finally, one of the most important common pet emergencies to look out for are insect bites and stings.

Although less common in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas than in other parts of Pennsylvania, it is still common for pets to suffer bites and sticks from venomous insects in this part of the state, too.

If you know what bit or stung your pet, describe it in detail to your vet. Otherwise, watch your pet for signs of an allergic reaction following a sting or insect bite. Symptoms include swelling of the affected body part, swelling of the face and neck, increased heart rate, tremors, and seizures.

Bring Your Pet to VEG Philadelphia for Common Pet Emergencies

Most of these pet emergencies are serious, but can be reversed if you take your pet to the emergency vet promptly. With a quick, efficient response, you can help your pet get through almost any pet emergency along with the help of a good quality emergency vet.

Make sure you research your local emergency vets ahead of time so you know which ones are best and which to avoid. Take time planning various driving routes that will help you get to the emergency vet as fast as possible. This way, you don’t have to scramble to take care of this step in the middle of an actual emergency.

VEG’s Philadelphia team is available 24/7 to help you and your pet through any and all common pet emergencies. Just like all of our other locations, when you call VEG, you’ll speak with an emergency vet who will provide you with help and guidance on what’s best to do for your pet. When it comes to your pet’s health, never wait to get them the care they need.

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