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Can Canine Eat Cashews? Here is The whole lot You Have to Know

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Getting extra cashews in our weight loss plan is actually a terrific concept for people, however can our canine companions get pleasure from them as nicely? In contrast to macadamia nuts, cashews aren’t poisonous to canines and are protected for consumption. Nonetheless, there are some primary pointers it is best to be mindful earlier than you introduce these tropical nuts to your pet’s weight loss plan.

This text will inform you all the things your have to find out about giving cashews to canines and what to look out for with the intention to keep away from any well being points.

Desk of Contents:

  • Can canines eat cashews?
  • Can cashews trigger an allergic response?
  • How you can feed cashews to canines
  • Can canines eat cashew butter and cashew milk?
  • Wholesome alternate options to cashews for canines
  • Key Takeaways

Professional tip: Realizing which poisonous meals to keep away from is step one in ensuring that your furry pal is protected. Discovering the fitting pet insurance coverage plan for once they get sick can cowl as much as 90% of the prices, taking the stress off you and permitting you to focus in your pet getting higher.

Can canines eat cashews?

Cashew nuts present vitamins which might be helpful to your canine companion. They include omega-6 fatty acids, which within the right steadiness with omega-3 fatty acids, assist management irritation within the physique and maintain the coat mushy and glossy.

Cashews additionally include antioxidants, fiber, protein, in addition to quite a lot of nutritional vitamins and minerals together with vitamin Okay, flavanols, calcium, copper, magnesium, iron, manganese, phosphorus, and zinc.

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Nonetheless, whereas canines can safely eat a few cashews, consuming them in massive quantities can result in quite a lot of well being points down the street.

  • Weight problems. Most pups can safely eat cashew nuts sometimes. Nonetheless, cashews include excessive ranges of fats, so pet dad and mom have to maintain this in thoughts when giving them as a deal with. A canine weighing 10 lbs requires round 220 energy per day, and contemplating that an oz of those nuts comprises about 160 energy, it would account for nearly 75% of their each day wants. Too many cashews can result in weight problems which, in flip, can put your canine vulnerable to critical well being issues. Typically talking, treats shouldn’t make up greater than 10% of your pup’s each day caloric consumption.
  • Pancreatitis. The high-fat content material in cashews can also be a priority in relation to canines liable to pancreatitis. An excessive amount of fats within the weight loss plan could cause the pancreas to change into infected as a result of it’s unable to interrupt down the fats. A number of the commonest signs of the illness are decreased urge for food, belly ache, and lethargy. If not identified on time, pancreatitis can require aggressive therapy.
  • Abdomen upset. Fatty meals are troublesome to digest, so too many cashews could cause abdomen upset, diarrhea, and vomiting. That’s why it is best to make sure that they’re out of your pup’s attain when you possibly can’t supervise them.
  • Bladder stones. The phosphorus in cashew nuts can harden inside your pup’s bladder, contributing to the formation of bladder stones.

In case your four-legged pal is on a prescription weight loss plan for different medical issues (kidney illness, bladder stones, diabetes, and many others.), it’s greatest to seek the advice of your vet earlier than giving your pet cashews.

Can cashews trigger an allergic response?

Whereas nut allergic reactions may be fairly harmful in people, they aren’t so frequent in canines. Most frequently, canines are allergic to meals like dairy, eggs, or rooster.

Nonetheless, despite the fact that the probabilities of your pet growing an allergic response to cashew nuts are low, pet house owners ought to know the signs of an allergic response (itching, swelling, and hives) when giving their pooches any human meals for the primary time.

As a result of some sorts of nuts may be fairly poisonous to canines, it’s important that you just don’t give your pet cashew nuts out of a range pack. Circumstances of allergic reactions to nuts in people show that it takes a really small quantity to trigger issues.

For those who consider your canine is having an allergic response, cease feeding them cashews and name your vet.

Professional tip: Pet insurance coverage might help cowl the price of allergy testing and therapy, along with serving to you afford veterinary look after quite a lot of different pet well being points.

How you can feed cashews to canines

Try to be cautious that there aren’t every other forms of nuts within the package deal. Some nuts may be very harmful for canines. As an example, macadamia nuts are very poisonous to them. Toxicity indicators embody weak point, vomiting, despair, issue strolling, and chilly intolerance. Other forms of nuts which might be dangerous for pups embody walnuts, black walnuts (also referred to as hickory nuts), almonds, and pecans.

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As well as, examine nuts for mould earlier than feeding them to your canine. Some forms of mould can include aflatoxin, which may upset your pet’s abdomen, trigger bowel obstruction, and even liver failure.

If you wish to introduce cashews into your pup’s weight loss plan, you’ll want to all the time select a packaged and unsalted selection (uncooked or roasted). Salted cashews ought to particularly be prevented in canines with coronary heart illness.

Keep away from giving your pup unshelled cashews. The shells include a toxin known as anacardic acid which may trigger gastroenteritis and irritate the pores and skin.

Don’t feed your pup any type of chocolate-covered nuts, in addition to any nut merchandise sweetened with xylitol. Each chocolate and xylitol are poisonous to canines and can lead to critical sickness.

Can canines eat cashew butter and cashew milk?

When served in small portions, cashew butter is a superbly protected deal with to your furry pal. Nonetheless, since cashews (like all nuts) are excessive in fats, you’ll have to restrict your pet’s consumption of cashew butter to 1-2 tablespoons a day.

Furthermore, most store-bought cashew butter varieties include further elements similar to added sugars, oils, or salt. You might contemplate getting ready your individual dog-safe cashew butter by mixing one cup of unsalted cashew nuts with a touch of honey and mixing in a meals processor till clean.

Cashew milk is made utilizing water and uncooked, unsalted cashews. As a result of pups can safely devour cashew nuts (in reasonable quantities), the milk derived from these nuts can also be protected for them to drink.

Wholesome alternate options to cashews for canines

Regardless that giving your canine companion cashews occasionally is okay, there are numerous wholesome deal with alternate options which might be simply as tasty:

  • Carrots are one of many favourite treats amongst pups in search of new tastes. Apart from being candy, they’re additionally very nutritious.
  • Peaches and bananas are full of nutritional vitamins however additionally they include excessive sugar content material and for that purpose, needs to be served moderately.
  • For a hydration increase throughout scorching summer time days, contemplate feeding your pup some juicy watermelon. Simply make sure the seeds and rind are eliminated earlier than serving.
  • Home made canine biscuits made with entire wheat flour, eggs, peanut butter, and canned pumpkin are a wonderful solution to please your pup’s candy cravings risk-free.

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